Zechariah Marvin in Memory

Seal InformationEdit

Type MageMage
Mp 1/1
Lv 1
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 5 / 6 / 3
Element LightLight

+ (Any Element) Enliven Dawn At 8 Mp 1


> when Every other N(Marvin) on the Arena battles, you can choose 1 its Combination form, then that Seal is treated as being in the chosen Combination form until the end of the battle.


> Remove this card and 1 Zechariah Marvin on the Arena; 1 N(Marvin) on the Arena is treated as being in a Growth form Inf Turn (Mp 0)(An effect of this Skill cannot be canceled).

Illustrator Boonyalid Rakvijitsin
Version 5 Years Memory
Verno 15