Xerxes, the Necromancer in Memory

Seal InformationEdit

Type MageMage
Mp 1/1
Lv 1
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 5 / 7 / 3
Element DarkDark

+ Dark Lost Soul At 7 Mp 1


> When this card comes to the Arena, you can show 1 N(Xerxes) in your Library and send it to the Shrine.

> While this card is a Support Seal, Xerxes, the Necromancer which is in a Combination form with this card gets Skill Mp -1.


> Discard 2 cards in your Hand; paste 1 Nigradia, the Wand of Xerxes in your Shrine on Xerxes, the Necromancer (Mp 3).

Illustrator Boonyalid Rakvijitsin
Version 5 Years Memory
Verno 11