Sky Scout Fairy

Seal Information
Name Sky Scout Fairy
Type Mage
Element Light
Lv 1
Mp 1/1
At 4
Df 5
Sp 4
Rarity Rare
1st Combination +Light "Clear Sky" At 9 Mp 2
Skill Skill: Twinkling: 1 Seal that is falling to the Shrine loses Skill and/or Ability 1 Turn when you have Light and/or Divine on your Arena. Int (Mp 0)

Skill: Sacrifice SSSS: 1 Seal protect from Skill that doesn't come from SSSS and cancel Curse 1 Turn. Int (Mp 2)

Ability No
Illus. Sinad Charuatchanapat
Verno 4
Release Merrisia 3rd