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Summoner Master is a new style card game from Santo Nino Company Ltd. created and invented by Thai and, in the same time, represent the unique style of the card game.

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Astrophel, the RHT Angel

Seal Information

Astrophel, the RHT Angel
In the latest Version, New Blood, one of the most interesting card is Astrophel, the RHT Angel. not only she is beautiful, but she is also has a fearsome star-controlling power. Let's take a look!

At the first glance, the first thing which appears in everyone's mind is her colorful looks, probably from her Multi-Element. Because of her Multi-Element, she is suitable in every deck. Furthermore, her Multi-Element is also the condition for many powerful cards such as Panna Forest Oracle, Angel of Warfare, St. Cecilia Scholar, and Pool of Siloam. Another her adventage is her name. She is an N(Angel), making you can spell Incorruptible Holy Prayer and Angelic Throne Palace directly from the Library. From this adventage, she can easily transform from a slender girl into a strong beatstick.

The first Skill of her is the Skill to transform a Star seal Mystic in your Hand into an Inquisition-like Mystic. This Skill helps you release Star seal Mystics instead of letting them rotten in your Hand. Her second Skill is the Skill to summon her directly from the Hand or Library. The Skill's condition is a bit hard to achieve in typical decks, but it is easy in weapon-mania decks such as Charismatic Templar, texless Knight, and Hospitalier.

Aside from many great Skills and adventages described above, she also has an Ability, which is her true fearsome power. She can call a Star seal Mystic from the Library for free at the start of your Main Step. Interesting Star seal Mystics to be called by her are The Star of Tear, The Star of Magnificent, The Star of Holy Tear, The Star of Fire’s Origin, and The Star of Yellow Sapphire Returner. There are two tips of this Ability. The first tip is that if she calls The Star of Magnificent and let it paste on her, she will gets At +21 because of her Multi-Element. The second tip is that if you are in defensive state from an opponent's offensive moves, you can make her call The Star of Yellow Sapphire Returner to gain the Mp lost from defending an opponent and start your counter moves.

With her unique and interesting power, Astrophel, the RHT Angel is a card which is worth trying, and you sure will not regret using her.

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