Magamouth in Memory

Seal InformationEdit

Type FishFish
Mp 1/1
Lv 1
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 5 / 6 / 3
Element WaterWater

+ Water Sharp Canine At 9 Mp 2

+ (Magamouth) Acute Assault At 10 Mp 2

Shade of Magamouth

> Every Magamouth on the Arena gets "Shade of Fish" and can attack a Seal at the Df Line if that Seal gets Freeze Curse.

> While this card is a Support Seal, Magamouth Tamer which is in a Combination form with this card gets an Ability "Every Seal on the Arena cannot cancel a Skill of Magamouth Tamer".

Skill NULL
Illustrator Boonyalid Rakvijitsin
Version 5 Years Memory
Verno 3