Banned and Restricted List 01/03/2012

Banned List (Not allowed)Edit

Fairy Music Box (Dividing of 4 Kingdoms)

Merlin (Secondary D4K)

Unholy Gargoyle (Ekklesia)

Firngolloion, the Water Dragon (Dragonology)

Dimminuialion, the Wind Dragon (Dragonology)

Zechariah Marvin, the Wonderer (4 Nagas)

Thesaria, the Treasure Hunter (Neo Prophet Extended)

Kiss of Death (Neo Prophet Extended)

Thaliquas, the Dragoon of Thaliwilya (Dragonology 2)

Hwestara, the Surge Dragon (Dragonology 2)

Firngolloion Rider (Dragonology 2)

The Dragon’s Egg in the Laboratory (Dragonology 2)

Thunder Saber Therion (The Saint)

Red Fin Dolphin (The Saint)

Book of Revolution (The Saint Final)

Reflection List (Use Reflection card Instead)Edit

Timothy, the Inventor of Felasia (Secondary D4K) (Reflection card)

Partake of Corpses (Secondary D4K) (Reflection card)

Gloria (Secondary D4K) (Reflection card)

Shaman of Rune (Merrisia 2nd) (Reflection card)

Anubis (Neo Prophet) (Reflection card)

Durga (Devas) (Reflection card)

Lakshmi (Devas) (Reflection card)

Saraswati (Devas) (Reflection card)

Indra (Devas) (Reflection card)

Musician Maiden (Neo Prophet Extended) (Reflection card)

Ruth, the Waitress (Neo Prophet Extended) (Reflection card)

Prophet Pennant (Neo Prophet Extended) (Reflection card)

Death Sentence (Neo Prophet Extended) (Reflection card)

Desert Dragon Rider (The Saint) (Reflection card)

Statute Book (The Saint)(Reflection card)

Mandy, Deliver Band Witch (Hymn of Exodus) (Reflection card)

Angel of Serenity (Terra Saga)(Reflection card)

Deadly Papillion (Celebration) (Reflection card)

Angel of Golden Cloud (Treasure) (Reflection card)

Restricted List (1 copy allowed)Edit

Seer’s Deal (Neo Prophet Extended)

Book of Eternal Tide (The Saint)

Spring Field Fairy (The Saint Extended)

Delicia, Princess of Garuda (The Saint Extended)

Snake Tailed Tindalos (Hymn of Exodus II)

Katapausis (Celebration)

Masquerade Merchant (Celebration)

นักเวทย์หญิง (Quest Master)

(Talitha Kum) Lock Up (Talitha Kum)

Semi-Restricted List (2 copies allowed)Edit

Demon’s Blood (Secondary D4K)

Golden Unicorn (Merrisia 1st)

Mathias Blythe, the Dragonology Professor (Dragonology 2)

Valpionos, the Holy Dragon (Dragonology 2)

Bakery Girl (The Saint)

Melville, the Beast Tamer (The Saint)

Armored Gargoyle (The Saint)

Treetop Tango Fairy (Realm of Fairy)

Wavy Grass Fairy (The Saint Final)

Kyoufu Yajuu (Crimson Sakura)

Leafland Lightning Sorcerer (Hymn of Exodus II)

Lazal Brandisher (Hymn of Exodus II)

Three Headed Griffin (Neo Prophet / Yellow Golden Sun)

Mask Doom Therion (Treasure)

Solita, Leafland Witch (Treasure)

Cato, the Wizmage (Treasure)

Karen, the Minstrel (Starter)

Pony Pegasus (Ascensiano)

Agent Arosel (Grand Gravitas Agency)