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Seal InformationEdit

Achangel Michael

Type: divine Mp: 5 / 4 Lv: 5 Rarity: special
At: 12 Df: 12 Sp: 5 Element: light
+[Divine] Tu Solus Dominus At 14 Mp 4
> This card is protected from attacking, Skill, Ability, and counter destroyed from [Evil].
> When your [Divine] and/or [Light] is chosen as an attacked or Skill target from an opponent card, this card gets At +1 / infinity turn.
> When this card is sent from the Deck to the Shrine, remove this card.
> As long as this card is in the Shrine, every [Divine] in your field get At +2.
> This card is protected from Curse.
Illustator: Sinad Charuatchanapat
Version: Revelation
Verno: 1