Amber, the Valkyrie in Memory

Seal InformationEdit

Type DivineDivine
Mp 2/1
Lv 1
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 6 / 6 / 3
Element DarkDark

+ Light Sorrow Soul At 9 Mp 2

Shade of Light

> When N(Valkyrie) comes to the Arena, this card is 1 Turn Passed.

> While this card is a Support Seal, N(Valkyrie) which is in a Combination form with this card gets At +1. If that Seal is Amber, the Valkyrie, it also gets a Skill "Every player sends the top Seal and Mystic of his or her Libraries to the Shrine. If the sent card is N(Valkyrie), add it from the Shrine to the Hand (At Line)(Mp 3)".

Skill NULL
Illustrator Boonyalid Rakvijitsin
Version 5 Years Memory
Verno 12